Wireless Design Services
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At Digital Microwave Communications we are firm
that provides designers and developers of OEM custom
wireless electronic products for commercial, industrial and
military and medical applications.

Does your company need partial or
complete wireless design services?

Digital Microwave Communications is a company that offers
complete wireless consulting services. We provide wireless
radio, RF and microwave engineering development as well as
design and consulting services.

Our firm has various wireless system design engineers that
will meet your product's complete specifications on time an
within budget.

Digital Microwave Communications is a full service wireless
Digital Microwave Communications offers
various RF microwave wireless designs and services that will
fit your company's requirements.  From wireless system
consulting to engineering  product design and development
services to RF and radio , our firm offers what few
corporations do.

  • Our company has a proven track record and a
    dedicated engineering team that has produced many
    wireless system designs and development complex
    system for both defense and commercial applications.

  • Our firm provides complete wireless system designs
    from radios, sub-system components from digital to
    analog systems with hardware and software
    engineering services.

Digital Microwave Communications give you a quote for
your wireless design project.   Digital Microwave
Communications will generate you a fast and accurate quote
for your next RF project.  Wireless system designs are our

Our wireless design services include:

  •      Wireless Systems Design and development for
    Defense and commercial applications, radio (analog,
    digital and software defined solutions ), transceiver,
    wireless multiplexing systems product development
    and many other different types of solutions. Available
    services include complete hardware packaged designs
    as well as custom modules.

  •    Wireless receiver product design and services -  
    including super regenerative , super heterodyne and
    direct conversion

  •    antenna designs- up to 20GHz and 500Watts

  •    transceiver designs-up to 20GHz and 5 Watts
    available.  We also make RFIC radio designs.

  •    transmitter design - low to medium power RF
    transmitters, up to 20Watts including AM, ASK, FM,
    FSK, OFDM, QPSK and other custom digital and analog

  •    Wireless COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf Solutions)
    Custom RF system designs available. 3rd party chipset
    designs too. FCC, Mil-Spec compliant

  •    Hardware and software capabilities included.  
    Custom Plastic and Aluminum housings. Volume
    manufacturing services available also.
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Wireless Design Services - OEM Custom Wireless Electronics - OEM Wireless Product Developers - Wireless Design Engineering
"Innovative RF Solutions"
Need an RF Product Design and
Engineering Consulting Firm?

  •    Consultant experts that offer
    complete wireless radio development
    from conception to deliverables.

  •    Let us be your wireless design  
    consulting company.   

RF Microwave engineering development

  •    We're an RF and microwave
    engineering design and development
    corporation with a dedicated staff of
    experts to service your next project.    

Wireless RF Microwave PCB Design and

  • Experts on various wireless PCB
  • Single or multilayer boards as well as
    blind via and thru-hole designs.  PCB
    on board distributed components

  •   Techniques include coplanar,
    stripline, and microstrip design and

  • Test point design for flying probe
    high volume manufacturing

Looking for an engineering company to
provide wireless product manufacturing?

  • We have large and small
    manufacturing corporation contacts
    for large as well as small volume
    product manufacturing assembly and
    test in both the US and overseas.

  •  Digital Microwave Communications
    handles both large and small volumes
    for product manufacturing

  • We assist with product fabrication
    and test.

Need an experienced engineering firm to
perform environmental testing?

  •   Our firm offers environmental design
    verification of circuit performance over
    temperature and humidity to
    customer's specifications
(EMC/EMI/RFI) Test experts

  •    Expert EM and EMI compliance verification: ESD,
    transients, radiated emissions, conducted emission,
    radiated susceptibility
  •   Complete FCC compliance testing

Software Wireless Design team

  •    Software radio design, systems requirements
    analysis, integration and testing.   Including various
    sections such as software design, software
    development, software testing, hardware/software
    integration and maintenance

A Digital Wireless Engineering Design and Consulting

  •    DSP, digital signal processor, electronics &
    communications design, software defined radio

  •    Circuit layout design services
Digital PCB layout design services
Microchip, PIC microprocessors

Test and Measurement

  •    ATE programming using LabView test software.

  •  Complete  production Test Station development

Mechanical and Packaging Design

  •    Mechanical packaging services available.