Engineering Services
Our Engineering Services

Digital Microwave Communications provides RF, wireless, radio, system
and design engineering services and wireless designs for commercial,
defense and medical applications.

Digital Microwave Communications

Founded in 1998, provides a broad range of innovative RF, microwave and
wireless design services and capabilities for both commercial and
government development programs. We've completed and placed into
manufacturing both large and small volume products. We've worked on
projects for various companies from defense to both large and small
commercial companies.

Some of our Services

RF Engineering:

We offer custom RF engineering from 1MHz to 10GHz including various
systems. FM, AM, BPSK, QPSK, voice, data, analog and custom digital
modulations .  RF engineering to develop radio front ends that  interface
with your digital and or analog baseband systems.  Transmit power from
1mW to several Watts.  Wireless COTS (commercial off-the-shelf solutions)
system designs available.

We provide ISM radio with 3rd party chip and chipset designs such as
customized customer interfaced Bluetooth, 802.11 a, b, g and n and other
standard wireless formats.

Complete software and hardware design services available.

RF System Engineering:

Complete end to end RF system solutions.

Wireless Engineering:

Rf and microwave wireless engineering services available. RF and
microwave electronic circuits and pcb layout. Discrete and IC design

Manufacturing Services:

Manufacturing services available from low to high volume.  Domestic and

Standards Certifications:

FCC, ISM, IEEE, CE and Mil-standard 461E certification for in house produced
radios or from other manufacturer designed radios.
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"Innovative RF Solutions"

DMC's engineers
have designed several wireless
RF/microwave transceiver,
receiver and transmitters that are
custom as well as IC designs.  We
also specialize in custom RF
microwave component designs.
We have RF Microwave consulting
services available also.

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