Digital Microwave Communications
Digital Microwave Communications

What our firm provides

We're an electronics consulting company providing
RF design, wireless networks design, RF microwave
product engineering and development and consulting
from prototype to manufacturing for defense and
commercial applications.

Custom software radio design, transmitter, receiver,
amplifiers and other RF component designs.  Our firm
also assist in wireless COTS solutions for businesses.
Our Company Services

Wireless Design Services

  •    Our wireless system design services includes radios,
    transceivers, receivers, transmitters and other products for
    defense and commercial applications.

RF Microwave Design Consulting Services

  •    We also provide RF circuit designs such as power amplifiers,
    filters, RF switch matrices, synthesizers and much more.

Engineering Services

  •    We have experienced wireless system, RF, digital, firmware
    and software engineers available for your company's
    engineering consulting needs.

Manufacturing Services

  •    Experts in placing products into manufacturing.  Low to high
    volume manufacturing services available.  Services include low
    to medium domestic and high volume domestic and overseas

A Complete Consulting and Engineering Company

  •  DMC Corporation provides various electronic consulting as well
    as engineering of radio and wireless engineering product


Frequency range:

  •    From DC to 12 RF GHz

RF Microwave System Design:

  •    RF Network System development, modeling and simulation

  •    Digital/Analog communications systems implementation
  •    System link budgets, noise figure and intermodulation and
    system analysis
  •    Frequency hopping and other spread spectrum systems
  •    we also assist in wireless COTS (commercial off-the-shelf)

RF Design:

Software defined radios

  •    receiver design - various including super regenerative ,
    super heterodyne and direct conversion

  •    Various modulators and de-modulator
  •    matching networks
  •    Microwave transmission lines - microstrip, stripline

  •    Wireless COTS system design available.

  •    various analog and digital circuits

  •    transmitter design - low to medium power RF transmitters,
    including AM, ASK, FM, FSK, OFDM, QPSK

  •    local oscillators- VCO's,

  •    Complete transmitter, receiver, transceiver designs

  •    PA, Power amplifier custom designs

  •    PLL, phase-locked loops and synthesizers

Prototype Design and production

RF / Microwave Engineering Consulting services

  •    RF Microwave software defined radio services
  •    An RF consulting Corporation
  •    Wireless system design
  •    RF Microwave Design
  •    RF Filter Design
  •    RF Component Design
  •    RF Circuit Design
  •    COTS RF 2.4 GHz and other bands
  •    RF GHz range
  •    RF MHz range
  •    FM,FSK,QPSK,QAM and other modulations
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"Innovative RF Solutions"
Need a firm that provides
wireless design services?

Need a Wireless Product Design and
Engineering Firm?

  •    Consultant experts in wireless
    product development from conception
    to deliverables.

  •     Complete wireless design experts   

RF Microwave product development

  •     RF product design and
    development of wireless and cabled

RF Microwave PCB Layout

  •     Single or multilayer boards, thru-
    hole, blind via ect.  pcb distributed

  •    coplanar, stripline, and microstrip
    design and layout.

  • Test points for volume manufacturing

Looking for a company to provide product

  •    Small to large volume PCB and
    product fabrication and test. Contacts
    for large volume assembly and test in
    the US and overseas.

Need and experienced engineering firm to
perform environmental design testing?

  •    Design verification of circuit
    performance over temperature and
    humidity to customer's specifications


  •    Experienced in EM compliance: ESD,
    transients, radiated emissions,
    conducted emission, radiated
  •    FCC compliance testing

Software Wireless Design

  •    Complete software radio design,
    systems requirements analysis,
    integration and testing.   Including
    various sections such as software
    design, software development,
    software testing, hardware/software
    integration and maintenance

A Digital Wireless Engineering Design and
Consulting Company

  •    DSP, digital signal processor,
    electronics & communications design,
    software defined radio

  •    Circuit layout design services
Digital PCB layout design services
Microchip, PIC microprocessors

Test and Measurement

  •    ATE programming using LabView
    test software.

  •  Complete  production Test Station

Mechanical and Packaging Design

  •    Mechanical packaging services
RF Consulting | RF Design Services | RF Engineering Services | Radio Design Services | Wireless Design Services

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Our engineers have many years of
consulting experience in RF, Wireless
radio and component level
development experience.  

Our firm has the experience and
know-how to complete your project on
time and within budget.
A DMC Corporation